Want My Number? Just Scan Me

Quick Response (QR) and scannable codes are on a rampage and the target is you. In a recent New York Times article, people are increasingly becoming a “human hyperlink” due to retailers, publishers, charities and others transforming QR codes into a fashionable commodity. Products like the Skanz QR bracelet allow people to scan the wearer’s contact information as well as social media links. If you prefer not to carry the accessory, a decal can be adhered to your Smartphone. Creepy or visionary, one thing is increasing becoming clear: the days of giving that cutie at the bar your number on a napkin or doling out business cards at a networking event are speedily coming to an end.

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2 Responses to Want My Number? Just Scan Me

  1. Cool, but scary haha – i guess i think about the people who i wouldn’t want scanning me?

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