Keel’s Simple Diary

While we take great joy in blogging, keeping a journal was never our strongest suit. That all changed the day we were introduced to Keel’s Simple Diary. An entertaining twist on the everyday journal, each page contains multiple choice questions on how your day was (A. A freakshow; B. A no-show; or C. A showdown); asks out of the ordinary questions including, “Something wicked you find awkwardly appealing?”; and contains interesting quotes such as, “Imagination is the foundation of reality.”

Invented by artist and part-time Los Angeles resident Philipp Keel, the Simple Diary was the author’s response to “having too much information and not enough meaning, and needing to remember what made him smile.” Volume II of Keel’s Diary is now available for pre-order and will release next month. Get one at a discount on

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1 Response to Keel’s Simple Diary

  1. LoveNiki says:

    I want one! This is being added to my Christmas list!

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