Make Your Wardrobe Work this Halloween

Halloween can make a major dent in our bank account. So, when thinking of costumes for this year, we turned to pop culture for inspiration. Whether you’re dressing solo, as a couple or with a group of friends, chances are you already have most of the items below to make for a fun and cost-effective night. Read more after the jump.

The Inspiration: Bridesmaids

The Costumes: Matching dresses with one friend in white

Optional Add-On: Jon Hamm. Just kidding…not really

The Inspiration: Nucky Thompson from Boardwalk Empire

The Costume: 3-piece suit with a red flower on the lapel and a bowler hat

Optional Add-On: Flask hidden in the breast pocket

The Inspiration: Rachel Zoe

The Costume: Skinny pants, blouse, faux-fur jacket, handbag stuffed to the brim, oversized sunnies and towering heels

Optional Add-On: Starbucks venti coffee and a baby

The Inspiration: The Duke and Duchess of Cambridge

The Costume: Suit for the guy, blue dress and matching ring for the gal

Optional Add-On: Dazzling smiles and adoring gazes at your significant other

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