Magnetize Me with Your Nails

We give credit where credit is due, and the nail industry definitely deserves all of it as they never seem to run short of zany ideas. The latest and greatest comes courtesy of British company Nails Inc., which recently debuted a line of magnetic nail polishes. No you won’t turn into X-Men’s Magneto or become a magnet for, well, magnets (hey we had to make sure). Rather the polish is created with magnetic particles that interact with a magnet tucked inside the cap of the bottle. After coating nails, the magnet is immediately place over polish for 10-15 seconds. The particles then gravitate towards the pull, creating a custom pattern. Wow, what will they think of next.

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2 Responses to Magnetize Me with Your Nails

  1. Which colour is this? I’ve recently bought some magnetized polishes by 17. They look similar 🙂 xx

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