Breaking Dawn: The Wedding Flowers

Breaking Dawn releases this Friday and it promises to show the wedding of the movie year. If you have seen the commercials, there’s no doubt the stunning floral design has caught your eye. CasaSugar was able to snag an inside look at the set created by floral stylist Tammy Polatsek, who wanted the atmosphere to be natural and earthy. “We used wisteria that cascaded down from the trees,” said Polatsek. “We stitched them into long strings of 40 to 50 feet in length. In the ceremony we used cherry blossoms and tiny cuts of white lavender.” Polatsek also notes that the centerpieces were made up of sweet pea, viburnum, ranunculus, and Australian ferns all blended with moss. Hmm, we have a feeling that Breaking Dawn will play inspiration to a lot of weddings to come.

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One Response to Breaking Dawn: The Wedding Flowers

  1. LoveNiki says:

    Such a pretty wedding theme. One more wonderful idea for a girl to daydream about 🙂

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