Christian Louboutin’s 20th Anniversary Tome

Christian Louboutin’s iconic red-soled shoes are a fixture at everything under the sun. From red carpet award shows, to the fashion crowd, to a random Tuesday, women worldwide have taken a fancy to Louboutin’s exquisitely designed footwear. In celebration of his 20 years in business Louboutin has released a massively exciting book all about his shoe kingdom. Encased in pink faux-leather, the volume contains a 5-page foldout cover, gilded pages and popup photos. John Malkovich pens the foreword, and the six sections of the book are divided into Louboutin’s biography, different boutiques around the globe, shoe designs, Louboutin’s homes, a special collection with director David Lynch and a complete catalog of all 120 Louboutin shoes. This book is a fantastic addition to an existing fashion bookshelf or for fans of Louboutin’s lacquered soles.

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