Alexa Chung’s “24 Hour Catwalk” Debuts

In fashion, one day you’re in and the next day you’re out. That phrase literally holds true in the case of Lifetime’s new reality show “24 Hour Catwalk.”

Hosted by our fave British fashion personality Alexa Chung and judged by designer Cynthia Rowley, PR maven James LaForce and NY journalist Derek Blasberg, the show somehow manages to make “Project Runway” look like a piece of cake. Out of four aspiring designers, two are chosen during the first challenge to make a mini 3-piece collection centered around a specific theme in just 24 hours. Each designer gets three professional seamstresses, who add their own brand of spunk to the show, to help sew garments. After a short runway show, the winner receives a cool $10,000 to do as they wish. Not a bad chunk of change to make for a day’s work. While we personally don’t think an amazing collection can happen in the span of a day, we do think much inspiration is to be found in quick thinking. “24 Hour Catwalk” airs Thursdays at 10/9 central on Lifetime.

(Left to Right) James LaForce, Alexa Chung, Derek Blasberg, Cynthia Rowley

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