The Most Requested Celebrity Hairstyles in the U.S.

Spring is in full effect, which means it is time to update your hairdo for the warmer weather. If you are anything like us, you often wonder what style to request at the salon. It can be daunting deciding whether to go with a look that is tried-and-true for you or throw caution to the wind and get it all chopped off. We turned to Allure magazine for inspiration on our next cut and the site cleverly broke down the most popular celebrity hairstyles by city. Here in Los Angeles, the most requested look is Michelle Williams’ adorable and effortless pixie cut. In New York, Nicole Richie’s wispy bob goes with the chic yet non-trendy vibe of the fashion pack. Jennifer Aniston’s shoulder-grazing shag is popular in Philadelphia, with local hairstylist Laurentius Purnama saying, “My clients love that it’s relaxed but sophisticated at the same time.” Seattle dwellers typically avoid cuts that are too high-maintenance, opting for a wash-and-go style like that of Zooey Deschanel. To see more celebrity hairstyles, visit Allure.

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