Mother Knows Best: Stars Dish on Moms’ Best Advice

Moms are pretty amazing. From their unconditional love, to being the best cheerleaders, to all the sacrifices parenthood really requires, moms are the real-life Wonder Women of the world. With Mother’s Day being this Sunday, we went in a contemplative mood and thought about all the amazing advice we have been fortunate to receive from our own mother. The one we love the most? “To be happy and content within yourself is everything.” InStyle and iVillage both recently compiled the best advice celebrities have received from their mothers. Scroll below to see our favorite words of wisdom:

Kate Hudson jokingly says her mother Goldie Hawn told her to, “Be happy. That’s the best thing you can tell your kids. Be happy — if not get drunk, and then you’ll really be happy.”

Jason Segel said, “My mother taught me to be nice to everybody. And she said something before I left home. She said, ‘I want you to always remember that the person you are in this world is a reflection of the job I did as a mother.'”

Jada Pinkett Smith told InStyle that her mother, “let me be me. When I had pink hair and wore tons of earrings, my mother never said I couldn’t go out looking like that.”

Emily Blunt’s mother told her to, “Surround yourself with kind and generous people. They might be exciting, or you might want to be with the bad boy or whatever — but make sure they’re kind. And she also said, ‘If you really want something badly enough, the whole universe will work with you to get it. Just really put it out there.'”

Tell Us: What’s the best advice your mother has given to you?

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