Swarovski Outfits New York City’s Brightest Ballerinas

Most little girls dream of being a tutu-wearing ballerina, but only a few make it all the way. While our own aspirations didn’t last past the age of 12, we still take great pleasure in seeing ballet on the stage. Unfortunately, the costumes can sometimes take a backseat to the awe-inspiring performances. That is about to change with the New York City Ballet’s performance of the Balanchine classic Symphony in C, where more than 40 costumes were created using over 105,000 Swarovski crystals. It is a rare feat for the company which, according to Fashionista.com, tends to stick to the original costumes Barbara Karinska designed for the Balanchine ballets. Costume director Marc Happel said that the costumes were redone because the choreographer, “felt that it was time to re-look at Symphony in C and that perhaps the ballet needed a fresher new look.”

For the Balanchine ballet classic, Happel decided to work with Swarovski to put together more geometric and eye-catching outfits. 18 seamstresses worked full-time to create the looks, with each tutu taking a week to build. Each layer of the laser cut tulle was given a feathered look using a scalloped edge, while the crystal-covered flesh-colored vee was a dramatically revealing departure from costumes of the past. View the Swarovski-designed costumes below.

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