Bachelorette Party Ideas That Do Not Include Vegas

Sending your dearest female friend off into the world of happily ever after is a joyous time filled with unforgettable memories, one of which being the imperative bachelorette party. As a member of the bridal party, the responsibly falls flat on the group to make it as amazing as possible, so forget about losing your head in Sin City. Thanks to Refinery 29, there are plenty of ways to send your girlfriend off to being a “Mrs” that will keep you out of Bridesmaids territory. Below we picked our favorite four sure to please; and while these ideas are limited to southern California dwellers, we definitely recommend applying it to wherever you reside:

-Take in the picturesque sites of the Pacific with a gorgeous seaside yacht cruise on The Hornblower. Brunch, lunch or dinner and a bevy of drinks await along with a heavy dose of soothing ocean breeze.
-Indulge in a serene spa weekend at the luxe Ojai Valley Inn, where relaxation is the name of the game.
-Sip wine and refine your palate at the Point Vineyard Inn in Temecula, which can also book you a horseback ride or hot air balloon trip.
-Get your pout ready for some drag queens at San Diego’s Lips, where the painted “ladies” will sing a celebration song dedicated to your bride-to-be.

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