A Look Back: Images of Designers on the Rise

Valentino! DVF! Armani! Once upon a time these were unknown names, but not anymore. Today these designers, and a host of others, have made it to the top of the fashion food chain thanks to hard work, perseverance and making friends with the right people. Lucky magazine unearthed past images of these designing stars in their younger years paving the way to their bright futures, including a sunglass-free Karl Lagerfeld. See some of these photos below.

Top Row: A dapper Oscar de la Renta circa 1968; Designing friends Gianni Versace, Valentino Garavani, Giorgio Armani and Gianfranco Ferre in 1992; Valentino Garavani in 1974 with a thick mane; Karl Lagerfeld in 1983 sans shades. Bottom Row: Ralph Lauren hard at work in 1971, classic Coco Chanel in 1937, Diane von Furstenberg in her modeling days in 1974, a preppy Calvin Klein in 1972 and always glam Donna Karan in 1977.

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