Queen Elizabeth’s Diamond Jubilee

This weekend marks the 60th anniversary of Queen Elizabeth’s rule, and London is pulling out all the stops to celebrate this milestone occasion. Running from June 2nd to June 5th, the Diamond Jubilee is a flurry of activities consisting of a once-in-a-lifetime pageant, street parties, museum exhibits and a chance to see the Queen in person. The four day celebration kicks off with an Epsom Derby on Saturday. The following day will be a spectacular flotilla of 1,000 boats assembled from around the globe traveling 25 miles along the River Thames, with the queen and her husband Prince Philip on a royal barge. That same day, thousands of street parties are also planned across Britain, including one dubbed the “Big Jubilee Lunch” outside Prime Minister David Cameron’s office.

On Monday, Buckingham Palace will host a concert featuring legendary singers like Paul McCartney and Elton John before a network of 3,800 beacons are lit across Britain. The celebrations culminate on Tuesday with a memorial service at St. Paul’s Cathedral. To learn more about this historic event visit BBC.

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