Last-Minute Father’s Day Gift Guide

TV Dads We Love. Top Row: Archie Bunker, Homer Simpson, Andy Taylor, Danny Tanner. Bottom Row: Carl Winslow, Phil Dunphy, Cliff Huxtable.

He was always there for you cheering you on at a school event, or teaching you how use a screwdriver, or consoling you when what’s-his-name, who he never liked, broke your heart. Yes, your dad is rad. But it is two days until Father’s Day and you have yet to find the right gift. What can you get for the first man of your life, that doesn’t shout last-minute mall purchase? Plenty. Check out our guide below suitable for any amazing dad:

-Get your dapper dad a monthly subscription to Tie Try, where he can select designer ties to wear for as long or as often as he wants.

-Score dad tickets to a baseball game at Ticketmaster.

-Let dad ride a stock car for a day on a racetrack or learn how to fly a helicopter with a unique experience at Cloud 9 Living.

-Create a magazine cover at Your Cover using an old family photo, and print it right from the comfort of your home. Frame it for that extra special touch.

-Buy your dad that Kindle book he’s been wanting at Amazon.

-Get your dad a 3-month subscription to The Great American Beer Club, where he will be able to sample brews from every corner of our great nation.

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