Summer Essentials: The Beach Towel

A floral pattern or single-hued towel is fairly standard practice for a day at the beach. This season, though, the summer staple is doing all the talking with towels that convey your sense of style and thoughts without having you utter a single word. See below for our surf-and-sand picks.

Left to Right: Barbara Kruger Double Beach Towel ($105), Target Blog Beach Towel ($9.99), Free People Vintage “Surf’s Up” Printed Beach Towel ($88), Rirkrit Tiravanija Double Beach Towel ($105).

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One Response to Summer Essentials: The Beach Towel

  1. Gerardo Ridep says:

    For me, cotton beach towels are the best since they absorb more sweat compared to synthetic fibers. They also have great texture and feel. .`::’

    Hope This Helps!

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