Sail Away with this Nautical DIY Bracelet!

Anchors away! As you have likely gleaned by now, we are huge fans of do-it-yourself projects that don’t require a ton of time or materials. Our latest DIY obsession comes courtesy of the blog A Blissful Dream, who combined thick and thin rope, large crimping beads and an anchor charm to make a sailor accessory so lovely you’ll be wearing it straight through Labor Day.

To start, take the thicker rope in your choice of color and wrap it around your wrist once. Add 1-2 inches to that length and cut the rope. Repeat with a second piece. Next, take one of the ropes and bend it in half to create a loop. Slide a crimping bead over the loose rope ends and squeeze tight with the pliers, fastening the ends together. Loop the second piece of rope, wrapping it under and through the first piece, as shown in the image at right. Secure the second rope with another metal crimping bead. Before fastening the bead closed, slip a looped piece of thinner rope in the bottom end, that will function as the bracelet fastener, and then secure with the pliers. Finally, take your anchor charm and tie the top to the end of the bracelet, the side that does not contain the thinner piece of rope, either by sewing or looping a thinner piece of rope around the anchor. Ahoy, stylish matey!

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2 Responses to Sail Away with this Nautical DIY Bracelet!

  1. So cute! I have seen these on Etsy and wanting to buy one….now I can just make it!

  2. wendy wilson says:

    can’t find a crimping bead large enough!

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