Reduce Cellulite the All-Natural Way

Bathing suits and shorts can be unforgiving for a gal with a case of cellulite. Regardless of size, sooner or later most of us will have to face this skin-puckering beast; however, there are plenty of simple methods to minimize the appearance of cellulite while giving you an added health boost. The easiest, tried-and-true fix is to drink more water or eat more water-rich foods, according to Dermatologist Howard Murad, M.D. in a Self magazine article. Murad suggests enjoying watermelon, which is 90 percent water, contains only 46 calories per cup, and has vitamins A and C, two essential antioxidants in maintaining skin’s thickness. Additionally, chowing down on apples, grapes and cucumbers as well as whole grains like brown rice and oatmeal can whittle away cellulite and your waistline. Also, stimulating the lymphatic system for a few minutes a day with a dry bristle skin brush helps circulate and release toxins, thus reducing the appearance of cellulite. Visit MindBodyGreen to learn more and read about other all-natural tips.

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