Nicole Richie Designs Capsule Collection for Macy’s

Nicole Richie is dipping her toes into the water of amazingly successful designers at Macy’s to launch her new namesake collection this September 12. Available in-stores and online, Richie’s 25-piece boho-chic capsule collection for Macy’s Impulse will include jackets, dresses, leggings and skirts all priced between $49 to $149. The line, which Richie dubs, “Fun, eclectic and effortless,” was created for all sides of a woman’s personality. “I feel that today more than ever,” said Richie, “American woman are so multidimensional. They’re wearing so many different hats, so this is kind of my nod to them: designing pieces that represent all different sides to the American woman.” If the full collection is anything like the pieces shown below, then all sides of ourselves are on board. To read more on Richie’s collection and designing process, visit Elle.

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