Gym-Proof Your Mane

One nagging problem some of us ladies encounter is keeping our hair workout-proof, especially considering we hit the gym in the mornings before going into the office. Not too long ago, we came across an article from Total Beauty that culled a list of great tips designed to help keep your mane intact through regular sweat sessions. One great piece of advice that is working for us is to apply dry shampoo before and after a workout to prevent moisture drifting from your scalp to the rest of your hair. Also, the site recommends keeping product use to a minimum and to avoid anything containing silicone, which can weigh down hair and quickly make it look dirty. To see more strand suggestions, visit Total Beauty.

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One Response to Gym-Proof Your Mane

  1. Casie says:

    Very good post! I have been working out a lot and it is taking a toll on my hair and I was wondering how do those girls do it with the good hair even though they sweat like hell at the gym?

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