How to Properly Clean Your Makeup Brushes

Considering the work we do, it would come as no surprise that we love makeup. Whether getting ready consists of a two minute light application or an hour spent channeling a glam look, applying makeup is on our daily to-do list. Since we are so devoted to our routine, taking care of our beauty brushes is of the utmost importance. Instead of spending tons of cash on a professional cleaning product, we use sweet and simple baby shampoo. The Beauty Department recently broke down the best way to use this cheap agent to clean your makeup tools that will leave your skin, and wallet, happy.

To start with, pour a tablespoon of a baby or organic shampoo into a small bowl and add warm water. Once the mixture gets bubbly, dip your used brushes one at a time into the solution, gently sweeping across the bottom of the bowl to release the product buildup. Let the brushes soak for 5-10 seconds and then rinse each brush individually under cold water. You can either lay flat to dry or head on over to The Beauty Department to see their brilliant “seesaw” drying method.

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