Shampooing Hair the Right Way

When it comes to shampoos and conditioners, we admit to having paid minimal attention to application methods. With much talk centered around which products work best for certain hair types, little discussion has been made as to the proper usage for these sometimes costly items. BellaSugar recently sat down with colorist to the stars Beth Minardi to get the best hair washing tips. Minardi says the best thing to start with is a complete water saturation of strands for three to four minutes and finishing off with a thorough rinse. “When [some women] come in to get their hair colored, there is still soap curd dried behind their ears because they didn’t rinse their hair and it looks like flakes,” Minardi said to the site. “It’s not that they have a flaky scalp — there is still shampoo in their head.” To see more tips visit BellaSugar.

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