Creating a Practice of Gratitude

There’s a lot to be thankful for during each waking moment, but all too often the stresses of everyday living impact our approach towards this basic principle. As website MindBodyGreen states, “It’s a law of nature that fullness creates more fullness. When you are in a space of appreciation and gratitude, and truly acknowledge what is abundant and successful in your life, you are likely to attract even more to be grateful for.” It is incredibly easy to loose focus and dwell in a space of negativity, but with a few tips you can improve your gratitude quotient. First, the site recommends sitting in a quiet space, centering yourself and jotting down one thing that could be considered successful in an area of your life that feels challenging. Next, write down one treasure that could come as a result of this difficult area and then write one blessing in any other area that feels great as is. To read the additional steps, visit MindBodyGreen.

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