How to Get Over the Flu Fast

Woman Holding a Mug with a Handkerchief to Her NoseRegardless of whether you got the flu shot, kept away from those that are sick and took every measure possible to ensure your health remains intact, sometimes the inevitable happens and you fall prey to the not-so-beloved flu virus. The most important thing you should do is to stay home. Yes work and school go on, but there’s no greatness in spreading the virus to others. Accept the fact that you are sick and get some rest. If you happen to have a sore throat and are feeling mucusy, take this quick recipe from MindBodyGreen and make a ginger brew utilizing fresh ground ginger, raw honey and fresh squeezed lemon. The honey will soothe your throat while the ginger gently relieves nausea. To read more get healthy tips, visit MindBodyGreen.

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