Block Online Spoilers With These Tech Tools


The sunken Amanda boat on Revenge

It can happen in a split second by an altogether eager friend or an innocent post online. Spoilers are everywhere these days, and it can be difficult to escape hearing about your beloved shows with all the technological forces at work in the universe. Thankfully, though, there are social media methods to keep revelations about Revenge or Downtown Abbey (our personal favorites) from making their way to your eyes and ears too soon. Tweetbot, available for $3 through the Apple App Store, can mute specific keywords and conversations from entering your Twitter feed during a specific time frame. CommentBlocker temporarily hides user comments completely or can modify them to your liking. Additionally, Google Reader Filter is a great method to avoid those stories telling you about so-and-so character dying an unexpected death. For more ways to avoid spoilers, visit Lifehacker.

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