Green Detox Pressed Juice

d8cc9bf58fb1281b_98e277e98c3cc028_DSCN1145.xxxlarge_0Juices and smoothies are not in short supply these days due to their healthy, nutritive properties. While there are plenty of places to order a lean green drink, making these delicious beverages at home is infinitely better. Thanks to PopSugar we found the perfect green detox juice that can be made in less than five minutes. See the recipe after the jump.

Green Detox Pressed Juice


-1/2 bunch spinach
-1 handful watercress
-1/2 peeled lemon
-1 celery stalk
-2 apples
-1-inch slice of ginger


-For best results use a fruit and vegetable juicer.

-To make the green detox juice, simply take all the ingredients and juice it in your machine. Serve immediately.

-Alternatively, if you would like to make a smoothie, chop the apple and discard the core. Then peel and chop the ginger and celery stalk. Next take the juice of the lemon and combine with the other ingredients, blending until smooth. Enjoy!

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