The Skinny on Easter’s Beloved Peeps Treats

ngbbs5029cd92b4231We know, we know. You love your Easter candies. After the inevitable chocolate craze of Valentine’s Day wears off, these pastel goodies takes its place on shelves across the globe. While jelly beans and Cadbury creme eggs are certainly very popular, they both fall short of the beloved Peeps bunnies. The colored marshmallows is celebrating its 60th anniversary, and Shape magazine recently delved into the anatomy of these treats. For fans, it is interesting to note that a serving of Peeps is five pieces, with each containing 28 calories comprised mostly of sugar, corn syrup, gelatin and 0.5 percent of carnauba wax, the same non-toxic ingredient used in car wax. To read more on these drugstore-favored candies, visit Shape.

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