Book Club: Audrey in Rome

Besides being an Oscar-winning actress, style icon and renowned humanitarian, Audrey Hepburn was a resident of Rome. The beloved big screen star lived in the famed city, where she shot her award winning role in Roman Holiday, for twenty years, during which time photographers captured candid images of Hepburn in her standard chic ensembles. Now, her son Luca Dotti, writer and producer Ludovica Damiani, and fashion director and stylist Sciascia Gambaccini have released the book Audrey in Rome unveiling nearly 200 photos of the late Hepburn, many of which have never been viewed by the public before. The coffee table book shows, among other things, the actress walking her Yorkie, Mr. Famous, having breakfast in Piazza Navona and set photographs from the movies she made while residing in the Italian capital. For those looking to glimpse into the private life of Hepburn, Audrey in Rome serves just that purpose. Visit Amazon for more.


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