Sunglasses: Then & Now

Sunglasses are one of the longest running staples of fashion, having been around since the Roman Empire. It is believed that Emperor Nero wore polished gemstones to watch the gladiators fight in 60 AD. Centuries later, the first prescription lenses were created in Italy while Benjamin Franklin invented the first bifocal lenses. In 1936, Ray Ban released the Aviator sunglasses and gave them to pilots for free, with the shades being released to the public one year later. The brand’s Wayfarer style, created in the 1950s, endures as the most popular design for masking eyes from the sun.

Whether going for cat-eye sunnies like Audrey Hepburn, retro chic like Jackie O or sky-friendly peepers like Tom Cruise, this fashion accessory will continue to live on.


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