Spooktacular! Charlotte Olympia’s Halloween Capsule Collection

From zodiac themed slippers to film reel sandals, lip-smacked heels and heart-appliquéd pumps, Charlotte Olympia’s signature quirk has made the luxury shoe and accessories designer a hit among well-footed celebrities like Sarah Jessica Parker, Alexa Chung and Katy Perry. Now, Olympia has delved into the most playful holiday of the year with a Halloween capsule collection. Items like a clutch box with gold bat silhouettes, glow-in-the-dark embroidered bones on silk satin sandals, a pumpkin clutch and a more menacing version of the brand’s trademark kitty flat are for the offering. Bags range from $545 to $1,565 and shoes go between $745 to $1,475. “I like to have a sense of humor in my work and that manifests itself in the Bite Me Kitty flats and Boo pumpkin-face clutch bag,” Olympia said to WWD. “I have two small boys who are currently taken with bats and vampires and inspired [me] all the more to create this collection.”


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