Retrospective: Robert Indiana At The Whitney Museum

robert-indiana-1_154351116980.jpg_article_gallery_slideshow_v2Love can be a dangerous thing, especially to artist Robert Indiana. Bursting onto the Pop Art scene of the 1960s, Indiana (originally Clark, but changed his surname to that of his home state) found fame with his LOVE image and, with its worldwide proliferation, was quickly shunned out of the serious art world. Now, at the age of 85, Indiana is the subject of a new retrospective at the Whitney Museum of American Art in New York. Organized by curator Barbara Haskell, the show includes one of the original 1966 LOVE pieces, but is mostly dedicated to the artist’s paintings and sculptures of that same decade, such as a The Confederacy: Mississippi (1965), part of a series he created on the civil rights movement and The Red Diamond American Dream #3 (1962), which has the word “Tilt” encircled by a roulette-wheel of numbers and other boldfaced words.

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