Wanderlust: Naples

article-1285253-09EE03C5000005DC-330_634x475When people think of visiting Italy plans generally veer towards the cities of Rome, Milan, Venice and Florence, but Naples is a destination deserving of a trip. Sure, this Southern Italian city has a dodgy reputation for stealing purses and cameras, but keep a firm grip on your possessions and all will be well.

Sprawling views of Mount Vesuvius and the island of Capri are not to be missed, as are the recently excavated sites in the Centro Storico, the oldest part of Naples. For art lovers, the Chiaia neighborhood is teeming with art galleries and the Museo Archeologico Nazionale has a wonderful collection of Graeco-Roman artifacts. Shop a quirky selection of stores on the streets of Spaccanapoli and Via dei Tribunali, where everything from old violins to saints made of plaster are for the taking. Of course, no visit to Naples is complete without a meal comprised of pizza,  and the margherita pie at Gino Sorbillo is worth the long wait. (Naples)

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