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Los Angeles’ Laurel Hardware Nails Dining

Los Angeles restaurant Laurel Hardware did not have too much trouble coming up with their name. The popular eatery and bar got its moniker from the famed hardware store that occupied the space for decades; and thankfully the new locale … Continue reading

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48 Hours in Dallas

Want to get away but lack the time and funds to go somewhere longer than a couple of days? No problem! There are plenty of great destinations here in the spectacular U.S. of A. sure to fulfill the wanderlust in you. … Continue reading

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Steak, Fries & Paris

How do you like your meat cooked? It’s a simple question with four possible answers: Bien cuit, à point, saignant or bleu, which translates to well done, medium, rare or raw. If you happen to be dining at the Le … Continue reading

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